What is el fenix?

el fenix is a collaborative effort among community members committed to creating a bicycling-friendly community through advocacy, education, and cooperation in central Orange County.


Create exemplary, enjoyable and safe bikeable communities.

El Fenix achieves its mission by:

  • Exchanging knowledge in the areas of¬†bicycle repair and maintenance, practical and safe riding techniques, community engagement and leadership, and mentorship.
  • Recycling, refurbishing and reintroducing bikes in the local community.
  • Raising awareness by producing and promoting bicycling related events.
  • Understanding and advocating for bicycling rights and growth in local communities by working with public officials and other organizations.
  • Partnering with and supporting local groups and community members to encourage youth safety and bicycle-related activities and social events.
  • Keeping an open mind to all bicycling needs and ideas and helping to facilitate positive growth.

Why el fenix ( the phoenix )?

The phoenix represents rebirth. We believe in the power of self-sufficiency, and feel that one of the simplest, yet fundamental pieces of that is mobility. Human growth is often demarcated by the stages of mobility, whether it be learning to crawl and walk, drive a car, sail a boat, or maybe even fly a craft, each achievement brings to a close the previous self only to allow for the rebirth with the opportunity of new experiences ahead. A bicycle, provides many an effective and inexpensive way to get to school, or work, to the store, or, to visit family and friends. Exploration, observation and interaction with the local community somehow is changed, enriched, when done by bike. Almost as though riding a bike unlocks a connection to the community not previously seen, allowing your community a rebirth of it’s own, in your heart.

Bikes, for the most part, are simple machines, and with some assistance, and persistence, can be repaired and maintained. A person with the ability to provide and maintain their own mode of transportation is without a doubt, empowered. This knowledge when shared, restarts the life-cycle with others, replicating, building a strong bikeable community. This community, when mobilized, is a powerful advocate for change. This change is what is needed to further transform the community and once again, resulting in rebirth.

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